2019 Trade Typographic Selections

Here are the 8 Trade Typographic selections from the 2019 AUPresses Book, Jacket, and Journal Show. See the selections in other categories.

The Future of Conservation in America cover

The Future of Conservation in America interior

The Future of Conservation in America
A Chart for Rough Waters
Gary E. Machlis and Jonathan B. Jarvis
University of Chicago Press
Designer: Jill Shimabukuro

A High Low Tide

A High Low Tide interior

A High Low Tide
The Revival of a Southern Oyster
André Joseph Gallant
University of Georgia Press
Designer: Erin Kirk New

Miss Stephen's Apprenticeship cover

Miss Stephen's Apprenticeship interior

Miss Stephen’s Apprenticeship
How Virginia Stephen Became Virginia Woolf
Rosalind Brackenbury
University of Iowa Press
Designer: Omega Clay

City of a Million Dreams cover

City of a Million Dreams interior

City of a Million Dreams
A History of New Orleans at Year 300
Jason Berry
University of North Carolina Press
Designer: Kim Bryant

The Golden Rhinoceros cover

The Golden Rhinoceros interior

The Golden Rhinoceros
Histories of the African Middle Ages
François-Xavier Fauvelle
Princeton University Press
Designer: Chris Ferrante
Illustrations by Roland Sárkány

Night Moves cover

Night Moves interior

Night Moves
Jessica Hopper
University of Texas Press
Designer: Amanda Weiss

The Book of Merlyn cover

The Book of Merlyn interior

The Book of Merlyn
The Conclusion to The Once and Future King
T. H. White
University of Texas Press
Designer: Derek George
Cover Designer: Kimberly Glyder

Fabulous cover

Fabulous interior

The Rise of the Beautiful Eccentric
Madison Moore
Yale University Press
Designer: Sonia Shannon

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