2019 Scholarly Typographic selections

Here are the 8 Scholarly Typographic selections from the 2019 AUPresses Book, Jacket, and Journal Show. See the selections in other categories.

Sam Steele cover

Sam Steele interior

Sam Steele
A Biography
Rod Macleod
University of Alberta Press
Designer: Alan Brownoff

Interacting with Print cover

Interacting with Print interior

Interacting with Print
The Multigraph Collective
University of Chicago Press
Designer: Jill Shimabukuro

Laughing at the Devil cover

Laughing at the Devil interior

Laughing at the Devil
Seeing the World with Julian of Norwich
Amy Laura Hall
Duke University Press
Designer: Heather Hensley
Cover design: Heather Hensley/Julienne Alexander

Black and Blur interior

Black and Blur
Stolen Life
The Universal Machine
consent not to be a single being
Fred Moten
Duke University Press
Designer: Amy Ruth Buchanan

Audobon on Louisiana cover

Audubon on Louisiana interior

Audubon on Louisiana
Selected Writings of John James Audubon
John James Audubon
Edited and with an introduction and commentary by Ben Forkner
Louisiana State University Press
Designer: Michelle A. Neustrom

Structures of Indifference cover

Structures of Indifference interior

Structures of Indifference
An Indigenous Life and Death in a Canadian City
Mary Jane Logan McCallum and Adele Perry
University of Manitoba Press
Designer: Jess Koroscil
Cover designer: Mike Carroll

Eight Stories cover

Eight Stories interior

Eight Stories
Tales of War and Loss
Erich Maria Remarque
New York University Press
Designer: Charles B. Hames

Whispering in the Daylight cover

Whispering in the Daylight interior

Whispering in the Daylight
The Children of Tony Alamo Christian Ministries and Their Journey to Freedom
Debbie Schriver
University of Tennessee Press
Designer: Kelly Gray

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