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We are excited to share the selected entries for the 2022 Association of University Presses Book, Jacket, and Journal Show with you. This year’s show features 91 entries as selected by Stephen Coles, Lisa Hamm, Tim Green, and Lucy Kim. Judging for this year’s Book, Jacket, and Journal Show took place at the AUPresses Central Office in New York City in January 2022. You can browse selections in each category below or read the full press release.

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The 2022 AUPresses Traveling Book, Jacket, and Journal Show

After a two year hiatus due to the pandemic, the 2022 AUPresses Book, Jacket, and Journal Show will hit the road, traveling to the presses requesting that the show visit their campus, from September 2022 to April 2023. View the schedule.

2022 Selections by Category

Scholarly Typographic  |  9 selections
Scholarly Illustrated  |  13 
Trade Typographic  |  10
Trade Illustrated  |  12
Poetry & Literature  |  3
Journals  |  0
Reference  |  4
Book Jackets and Covers  |  40
Journal covers  |  0

Member presses submitted 488 publications:

Scholarly typographic  |  50 entries
Scholarly illustrated  |  31
Trade typographic  |  34
Trade illustrated  |  31
Poetry and literature  |  13
Journals  |  3
Reference  |  7
Jackets and covers  |  322

The Jurors


Stephen Coles (he/him) was raised in Salt Lake City where he was drawn to publishing by his father, who ran a local magazine, and was hooked on fonts the moment his family got a Mac. In college, he learned about type (and life) as a designer at his university newspaper, The Daily Utah Chronicle. After a brief stint as a freelancer in Stockholm, Stephen moved to San Francisco in 2004 to serve as FontShop’s creative director and a member of FontFont’s TypeBoard which evaluated submissions and developed the pioneering library of digital type. He was also an independent consultant, connecting font makers with font users and advocating for the interests of both groups. Stephen co-founded the websites Typographica (an annual review of new typefaces) and Fonts In Use (a crowdsourced index of typographic design), and wrote the book The Anatomy of Type. In 2017, he joined the nonprofit library and museum Letterform Archive as Associate Curator and Editorial Director. With his background in design and journalism, combined with an obsession for type history, Stephen is responsible for the online face and voice of the Archive, and helps to shape the future of the collection.

Lisa Hamm is now an independent designer. After twenty-two years and hundreds of books, she recently retired from her job as senior designer for Columbia University Press. Her work has been acknowledged by the New York Book Show and AUPresses Book, Jacket, and Journal Show. Before CUP, Lisa worked at Adobe as a senior graphic artist, but her roots are in fine art. Her goal going forward is to meld all her skills in a more personal way.


Tim Green graduated from Northern Arizona University in 2002, and he has been designing books and brands ever since. His work has been recognized by the AIGA 50 Books | 50 Covers, Print Magazine, the National Advertising Federation, New York Book Show, Graphis and Chuck Norris (true story). Tim is the creative director at Faceout Studio, where he enjoys daily inspiration from his peers and the variety of work coming from publishers large and small. He is also the co-owner and creative director of Molt Brands, a newly minted design business specializing in brand identity. When he is not at his desk designing, he is most likely to be found at home, with his lovely wife and 3 children. If he’s not with them, it’s a safe bet you’ll find him at a coffee shop, probably designing something. 

Lucy Kim is an Art Director at Little, Brown & Co, a division of Hachette Book Group North America. In her 20+ year career designing book covers she has also worked for the Penguin Group, Simon & Schuster, and the Macmillan Group. Her work has been recognized by the New York Book Show and featured in Lit HubBuzzfeed, and Spine Magazine. She currently resides in New York City where she was born and raised.

About the Book, Jacket, and Journal Show

The Association of University Presses Book, Jacket, and Journal Show honors excellence in design produced by its member presses. The show recognizes meritorious achievement in the design, production, and manufacture of books, jackets, covers, journals, and digital publications by members of the university press community. 2022 marks the 57th anniversary of this book show.

What you may notice first about the publications by AUPresses members is the wide variety of subjects, forms, and approaches to disseminating scholarship. This variety reflects the diversity of the members themselves. Some members are among the very largest scholarly publishers in the world while other presses are offices with small staffs and limited resources. It also reflects the variety of new forms and formats available to publishers including digital and print-on-demand technologies in addition to offset printing. The budgets for the publications themselves reflect the market needs of the individual project, the press’s resources at hand, and decisions a press makes about physical aspects of the publication. What unites these books, however, is something you cannot see. It is the fact that these publications have been subject to the rigorous standards of peer review.

The design and production aspects of these publications are also integral to the very mission of the Association. Excellent design contributes to a book or journal’s reception and its impact in the larger world.

In addition to recognizing excellent work, the AUPresses Book, Jacket, and Journal Show provides an evaluation of members’ work and serves as a focus of discussion and a source of ideas for intelligent, creative, and resourceful bookmaking. The 2022 show will include books published by AUPresses members in 2021 and jackets and covers of books published that year. Books may have been manufactured anywhere in the world, but imports, and copublications designed and produced by a with a foreign publisher, are not eligible.

Through the show, and its acclaimed annual catalog, the Association seeks to expand the conversation about the essential importance of good design in scholarly publishing.

Special thanks to the 2021–2022 Book, Jacket, and Journal Show Committee

Barbara Bourgoyne, LSU, Chair
Mindy Basinger Hill, New Mexico
Jennifer Blanc-Tal, Rutgers
Ani Deyirmenjian, Toronto
Kevin Barrett Kane, Stanford
Mark Lerner, Fordham
Wendy McMillen, Notre Dame
Brady McNamara, Oxford
Regina Starace, Penn State
Carrie Downes Teefey, Wayne State
Kate Kolendo, Communications Program Manager, AUPresses